Ballast & Bulb Replacement Services

Commercial ballasts limit the flow of electrical current to fluorescent bulbs, which prevents them from becoming overheated and burning out. In addition, lighting ballasts are matched specifically to the light bulb type used.

Interior Lighting

Choosing the right interior lighting design for your office, bedroom, or kitchen will improve your overall comfort. Make sure the people in your home space have lighting that meets their needs and boosts their morale.

Exterior Lighting

Your house can have the street appeal of your dreams by upgrading the exterior lighting. We provide lighting for porches, backyards, garages, driveways, and more.

Ceiling Fan Lighting & Installation

Ceiling fans provide a convenient source of light and comfort. We service existing ceiling fan lighting and install new fans.

Landscape Lighting

From motion lighting to security to sconces and décor, we offer complete landscape lighting design solutions for your home that can dramatically improve the beauty and safety of your property.

Retrofit Lighting

A lighting retrofit is an upgrade to your light fixtures or lamps, increasing energy efficiency. Energy savings often offset the cost of these projects over time. In addition, the upgrade improves light levels and reduces maintenance. If your fuses blow regularly, you have to use multiple extension cords, your lights flicker, or you need more outlets, retrofit lighting for your commercial space should be your next investment.

Diagnostic Service Call

Diagnostic Service Call

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  • Electrical Diagnostics in Dayton, OH

    A lot of problems ensue by not having a professional electrician work on your electrical system. So in many cases, if you notice anything strange, or are just purchasing a new home, or even if you’re getting ready to sell, be sure to have home electrical diagnostic and troubleshooting performed by an electrician such as the team from Five Star Dayton Electrical to determine what your system needs.

    4 Signs You Need Lighting Repair Services

    Flickering Lights

    When switch contacts within the fixture are going out, you’ll hear a crackling sound with the flickers. Bulbs that go in and out may have loose wiring anywhere from the switch to the circuit breaker panel. Another possibility is a problem with the socket itself where the light bulb sits.

    Consistant Buzzing Noises

    Something called “mains hum,” tends to occur at about 60 hertz. This is normal and usually happens with large appliances like refrigerators. However, the buzzing is different and may or may not be typical. It usually occurs at 120-180 hertz. There are several potential reasons for buzzing in your home.

    Frequent Burnouts

    When bulbs burn out prematurely, there are a few places to check for lighting repairs. The first is loose wiring that may be sending power surges into the fixture and burning out the bulb. Sometimes an insufficient current is a reason, originating from incompatible bulbs and lamps, or the bulb is screwed in too tight.

    Damaged Cords

    Damaged cords can lead to electrical shock or even fire if not handled promptly. Likewise, exposed wiring is never safe, and if sections of insulation are missing or wiring appears frayed, do not use your fixture until fixed.

    Residential Lighting Services FAQ

    What lighting is best?

    When it comes to lighting, halogen bulbs work best for task lighting because they create a white light similar to daylight. They also use less energy than incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs are another great choice because they make direct, bright light that doesn’t get hot if you work in it for long periods.

    Why do my lights flicker?

    It can be a faulty light bulb in most cases, but in other cases, it can mean something more serious—and potentially dangerous. Call a professional right away.

    Why are my light bulbs blowing out frequently?

    One reason, which can be extremely dangerous, is due to overheating. In any case, having to replace light bulbs repeatedly is always a significant inconvenience. Additionally, it is a fire hazard and an electrical safety issue. If you are replacing light bulbs frequently, we suggest having your light fixtures inspected by an electrician from Five Star Dayton Electrical as soon as possible. We can help find the cause of the problems, so you don’t have to deal with light bulbs constantly blowing out.

    Professional Lighting Services You Can Trust In Dayton, OH

    Five Star can design lighting concepts for your property’s exterior and interior that improve functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Security lighting is an excellent installation that makes the property more secure and prevents potential threats to the property. Homeowners get more value out of their homes by setting up lighting installations.

    Looking for more energy-efficient lighting options? Light control solutions allow you to manipulate lighting and small appliances in your home simply and easily. We can also install smart LED lights! If your fuses blow regularly, you have to use multiple extension cords, your lights flicker, or you just need more outlets, retrofit lighting for your commercial space should be your next investment.

    Looking to illuminate up your space? Do you need a unique and creative idea for detailing your yard? Call Five Star Dayton Electrical for all of your lighting needs! Our expert electricians are here to add light to your life. We offer inter lighting, exterior lighting, accent lighting, bathroom, and kitchen lighting, and ceiling fan lighting just to name a few! Additional lighting services we offer include LED lighting, security lighting, garage lighting, and more. We repair and install various types of lighting and lighting systems in the Greater Dayton, OH area. We proudly service Dayton, Fairborn, Xenia, Springfield, Beavercreek, and surrounding areas throughout the Miami Valley Ohio area.

    When you need professional results, choose a professional electrician. Choose Five Star.