Electrical Repair

We offer commercial and residential electrical repair, exhaust repair, CO detectors, smoke detectors, whole-house fans and ventilation, ceiling fans, and more.

Safety Inspections

Schedule an electrical safety inspection today with Five Star and we’ll provide you with a detailed, prioritized checklist of recommendations for your home or business.

Code Updates

Is your building up to the current NEC standards? Residential and commercial electrical codes get updated every three years by the National Electric Code.

Exhaust Repair

Exhaust fans help remove bad odors in buildings and homes in addition to controlling temperatures and moisture levels that could cause damage, mildew, and mold.

CO Detectors & Smoke Detectors

With safety being our top priority, we offer low-cost CO detector installation and expert smoke detector installation throughout Columbus, OH.

Fans & Ventilation

Whole-House Fans are a great alternative to a central A/C unit and they cost significantly less and are much cheaper to operate.

Wiring Upgrades

Prevent dangerous electrical fires and electrical inefficiencies by upgrading your wiring. When you update wiring, you won’t need to worry about unplugging one device in order to plug in another.

Diagnostic Service Call

Diagnostic Service Call

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  • Electrical Diagnostics in Dayton, OH

    A lot of problems ensue by not having a professional electrician work on your electrical system. So in many cases, if you notice anything strange, or are just purchasing a new home, or even if you’re getting ready to sell, be sure to have home electrical diagnostic and troubleshooting performed by an electrician such as the team from Five Star Dayton Electrical to determine what your system needs.

    4 Common Residential Electrical Repairs

    Repeated Blown Fuses

    A “blown” fuse is a burned-out fuse. A fuse is a small piece of metal ribbon threaded through a ceramic element that fits into a fuse panel. When too much electricity passes through the metal ribbon, it melts, and the fuse fails or “blows”. If you’re experiencing repeated blown fuses, you may be asking too much about your electrical system.

    Consistant Buzzing Noises

    Something called “mains hum,” tends to occur at about 60 hertz. This is normal and usually happens with large appliances like refrigerators. However, the buzzing is different and may or may not be typical. It usually occurs at 120-180 hertz. There are several potential reasons for buzzing in your home.

    Sparks or Arcs

    A spark is a short electric discharge, like when you get shocked in the winter. An arc is like a continuous spark. Sparks happen each time you plug something in. These sparks will be tiny, blue in color, and last only a second. It’s time to get concerned when you see sparks that don’t go away in a brief second, come out of holes in the outlet, are yellow or white, or produce a burning smell.

    Loose Power Outlets

    Power outlets usually come loose because the electrical box attached to them was installed too far back in the wall. If it’s too far back, the electrical box isn’t very secure and can jostle or break wires set back in the wall. This can cause sparking, arcs, and fires.

    General Residential Electrical Services FAQ

    Why should I get an electrical code update?

    Whether you own a newer home or building or you own one that’s older — it’s always smart to hire a licensed electrician every three to five years to conduct an electrical safety inspection. Doing so ensures your home or building remains up to code to keep the place, the belongings and the occupants safe. Experts say it’s essential everyone follows the National Electrical Code as well as local and state codes. NEC codes are updated once every 3 years. As the leading electrical code standard in the U.S., the NEC establishes the basics of electrical safety in homes and buildings throughout the U.S. The importance of this code is usually adopted by local jurisdictions. Compliance with NEC code, as such, makes it easier to guarantee that electrical installation work is done without leaving safety hazards.

    Why do my lights flicker?

    It can be a faulty light bulb in most cases, but in other cases, it can mean something more serious—and potentially dangerous. Call a professional right away.

    How can I tell if I need an electrical wiring upgrade?

    Electrical wiring upgrades can be tricky and expensive if you don’t find the right expert. Nevertheless, there are times when wiring updates are necessary to protect the convenience, safety and value of a dwelling. There also may be circumstances — like if your house or commercial property is more than 40 years old — when you need to upgrade electrical wiring for safety, or because the current system no longer supports your needs effectively and efficiently.
    Additionally, wiring upgrades might be needed if you’re tripping breakers or fuses repeatedly or you experience flickering or dimming lights.

    Schedule Electrical Services Today in Dayton, OH

    Don’t risk taking on a DIY project when it comes to anything electrical. You should choose a quality electrician who is honest, licensed, fully insured, and who cares when it comes to electricity. We are dedicated to excellence in electrical work, and we will stop at nothing to guarantee your satisfaction.

    If you have recently purchased a new home in Dayton, OH, we recommend booking an electrical inspection to ensure that your electrical system is updated. Our technicians can upgrade your electrical panel to meet your busy family’s needs. Or, if your panel needs a little more power, we can quickly replace faulty circuit breakers or install additional ones. The electrical safety services performed by your local Five Star Dayton Electrical will include verification of proper light bulb wattage, a check of all safety and security lighting, and much more. Call now at (937) 970-5644.

    When you need professional results, choose a professional electrician. Choose Five Star.