Do You Know The Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in Your Home?  

Sep 9, 2022 | Dayton, Breakers, Electrical, Electrical Repairs, Fuse Box, Installation, Maintenance, Ohio, Outlets, Residential Electric

Something you shouldn’t take lightly is damaged, outdated, or poorly maintained and installed wiring around your home. Faulty or damaged wiring can be dangerous to your home and is responsible for thousands of yearly house fires. To prevent electrical risks to your family and home, our electrical experts at Five Star Dayton Electrical have provided some insight on how to find and address bad wiring in your home.   

Are There Any Evident Damages To Electrical Wiring? 

Unfortunately, many homeowners look over damages or frays to wiring, thinking it is only minor damage, which can be a huge problem. Frays can occur naturally if the wiring is older, or if you have pets or unknown pests around your home, they may have chewed up some of your electrical wiring. Rather than risking the consequences, it is best to repair or replace the damaged wire as soon as possible. If the damage to your wiring was due to unknown pests around your home, you may also want to contact a local pest control contractor.  

Do You See Any Discoloration Or Scorching?  

Closely examine the electrical outlets around your home. Do you notice any discoloration or scorch marks around your home’s electrical outlets? If so, the wiring connected to your outlet is overheating, causing scorching and discoloration. Stop using the outlet immediately if this occurs, and call your local electrician at Five Star Dayton Electrical to inspect the wiring in your walls for damages to the outlet.   

Do You Frequently Blow Breakers Or Fuses In Your Home? 

If your breaker continuously trips a circuit, or your fuse keeps blowing out, something is wrong. This damage could arise because of multiple causes, bad wiring, an overloaded circuit, or too many multi-outlet extension cords used in the same circuit. Properly wired homes typically only blow a fuse or breaker when an appliance or other electrical device requires higher electrical flow like laundry machines or HVAC systems. If they are on the same circuit, that could be the likely cause of your blown fuse or breaker.   

Sadly, most bad electrical wiring issues can be boiled down to who installed the electrical wiring in your home. Although the price of a cheaper rate seems worth it, it isn’t. Ensure your family is safe and your home has the correct electrical wiring by having our professional electrician at the Five Star Dayton Electrical handle the job. Call us today at (844) 397-4664, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!